Who am i?


knives by Lance Ockenden


My love of knife making first started back in 1999 after commissioning a custom knife maker to make a knife for me. After waiting 4 months i received the knife that I had been eagerly awaiting. While the knife was functional, visually it was bland and in need of  some spirit and soul. This is where the knife making journey began... I started investigating what was involved in crafting my own knife that I could customize to my own tastes.

Back then my first knives were made from basic tools and methods. Now, 18 years on I use purpose made digitally controlled Evenheat ovens, rockwell hardness testers to ensure optimum blade hardness, various belt grinders and many more machines.

Investing in these machines allows me to work with many types of steels including: Carbon steel, premium grade Stainless Steel and Damasteel. Alongside this i work with in house stabilized woods and bone. There are various other materials available for handles, such as hard woods, Micarta and other man made materials.

I am proud to say that all parts of my knives are made totally in house and i love to finish them with a hand crafted premium grade leather sheath.